Back from Vacation

I have not been able to update the blog for a while, been busy working outside. Finally finished up a new paver patio and grilling area a couple of days ago. Unfortunately my wife and I used most of our two week vacation putting it in.

I did manage to squeeze in a little work in the train room from time to time over the last month, though. I’ve been advancing the benchwork slowly around to the south wall and have most of the upper deck supports in place. I’ve been cutting the 1/8 inch white hardboard panel that makes up the “sky” area on the underside of the top valance. I’ve also cut enough hardboard to complete the upper backdrop.

I was up a couple nights ago, taping off the center peninsula area to check for walking area clearance, making sure it’s not too crowded. What looks good on paper does not often look the same in real life. I think I had the tape down for about an hour before Tucker got into it. Not sure how he got it stuck to both front paws, but the video is kind of funny.

With that, I’m off to bed. I have to get up in the morning for that dreaded return to work and two weeks of email.

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