Been a while

It’s been some time since I’ve added a post. I’ve been working here and there on the layout as time permits. It seems like I have been bringing lumber home continuously for the past year. I’m sure the neighbors wonder what is going on.

I’ve laid some track on the top level including putting in the coal mine tracks. There is a whiffle ball placed on the track here to let my youngest grandson know where he must stop and reverse direction. He is four years old and likes to run the train. He does a pretty good job of it, hasn’t destroyed anything yet.

I have finished up the benchwork and am laying in roadbed in the center peninsula. This will be a mountainous area with less than a 2% grade connecting the lower and upper level. I plan to have a small town with sidings in a level portion of track as well as a passing siding in this area of the layout.

Using a level and a block of wood to check the grade

Below is the first loop around the peninsula on the climb up to the second level. I’m using my design in X-track CAD to get dimensions for the roadbed and elevations. I have made a block that I use with my level to double check the grade as I go. One more time around and (hopefully) the roadbed will connect to the upper level down at the other end. The 2′ x 8′ sheet of plywood is where a future town will stand with a couple of industry sidings.

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