This is the power for the two power districts of the Wildcat Valley RR. I chose the Digitrax 20 Amp power supply to get good, clean, consistent power for the DCS-210 command station and the DB-150 operating as a booster.

I use a Digitrax PR3 to make the connection from Loconet to my JMRI computer. There is a UR-92 duplex transmitter connected as well for the DT500D and two DT6D throttles. The UR-92 is not compatible with the newer throttles as they come from the factory, I had to send the throttles to Digitrax for adjustment to get them to work.

The DCC bus is 12-gauge stranded wire that is connected serially to terminal blocks located around the layout. These terminal blocks are used to feed the track using an 18-gauge sub buss connected to each section of track using 22-gauge feeders.