Not a Good Day

No pictures, no happy talk, it’s been a bad week. No, I haven’t contracted Covid-19, that I’m aware of anyway, but it is hard to get excited about much. I read that the US now leads the world in confirmed cases, and we’ve been testing a small percentage of people. We’ve also got an inept buffoon for a president making things worse every time he speaks (or tweets).

On the bright side, instead of messing around with social security and Medicare, our government has decided to print some more money and send us all $1,200. That sounds good until I think about how much it will cost my grandchildren when the bill comes due for that and all the other spending that’s going on. Things are not good.

I feel for the folks in New York and the other hard hit areas of the county as well as everyone around the world that is dealing with this. I hope that anyone who might happen read this and all their loved ones are safe. My family is doing well, so far. We will get through this.

Got that out of my system, I’m going to the basement to do something positive!

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