Planning begins

I have started planning the new and improved version of the Wildcat Valley Railway which will be a pre-war era, 1920’s-1930’s mostly freight system. There are several things I’d like to incorporate:

  • A point to point track plan with a  continuous loop option.
  • I’d like the plan to be walk in with no duck unders
  • A two level track plan, but without a helix between the levels if possible.
  • A well thought out lighting system with night time lighting.
  • Block detection system with power districts.
  • An operational semaphore signal system.
  • A system for controlling structure lighting.
  • Some mountainous areas, probably eastern US coal country.
  • Mostly freight operations with coal as a major player
  • Some multilevel track with bridges and tunnels
  • Water features, waterfalls, rivers, maybe a harbor scene

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