Still Laying Sub-roadbed

I’ve been working on the peninsula area for some time – lots of twists and turns. Looks like it’s going to come together according to plan. I finally made the last connection tonight. There are still some supports that I need to cut and place, and a few grade adjustments to make, but I’m happy with the results thus far.

The west end of the peninsula. The 30″ radius makes for a long reach to the center.

I laid track and put in the feeders for the west end lower turn which would be hard to get to later, then proceeded with the upper level. Once I install the remaining supports, everything should be nice and solid. I am trying to decide how to handle the area in the middle of this 30″ radius loop, It is around 50″ off the ground and it will be hard to reach into the center to work on scenery. I could put a removable access hatch or possibly add a round backdrop to reduce the reach required.

The east end presents similar reach issues

The east end presents challenges as well in reaching to do the future scenery. I guess I’ll have to sleep on this.

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