Structure Lighting

Most of the structures on the WVR are lighted. Streetlights and structure lights are controlled by accessory controllers. Here is my yet to be completed scene at the North yard with several lighted features including an icing platform, ice plant, station, warehouse, and streetlights. Below is a test of the lighting in a Walthers tenement building which is yet to be added to the North yard scene.

The back side reveals the cardboard separators for each lighted room and the accessory decoder that controls them. The Arduino processor on the decoder board is programmed for all lights on and off, as well as a routine to follow the fast clock, turning lights on and off at various times of the day or night. There are two connectors, one for 5V power (Yellow/White) and the other (Red/Black) goes to the DCC buss which carries the turnout signals that control the lighting.