The Beginning and End, Sort of

At one time, we had a lake house which consumed all our summer and kept us active during the season. When the Indiana winter came around in 2014, I was in emanant danger of becoming a couch potato. Falling back on my days of youth, I decided that model railroading would keep me occupied and away from the TV.

This is the first edition of the WVR, almost finished. I built this in one end of our heated detached garage. I have some grandchildren who like to run trains and this was great fun, but much too small.

Time for a change. It’s Demo Day!

Worked on this for a few years but in Spring of 2018 we sold this house and bought a condo with an unfinished train room, otherwise known as a basement. So the layout had to go.

I saved what I could, all the structures and switches. Most everything else was loaded up into the truck in pieces and it was off to the dump! I did not like this process one bit, but I knew that better days were ahead. I vowed to rebuild the WVR, bigger and better. Like a phoenix it will rise from the broken pieces…

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