Design Rules

I wanted to meet my design criteria I had established, but before designing the layout, I needed some rules to go by. Obviously, I was staying with HO scale!

  • Track gauge code 83, I decided to toss the old code 100 stuff I had for the smaller profile.
  • Peco Turnouts and flex track, I had a few Peco turnouts on the last layout and loved them.
  • Minimum curve radius of 30″ (could be deviated on spurs if needed but frowned upon).
  • Minimum mainline turnout would be #8 or #7 curved, minimum #5 in yards and spurs.
  • Ruling grade 1.5% (I slipped a little in one place, a short length of straight run of 2%).
  • No areas of track that cannot be easily accessed (oops … hidden staging not so much).
  • No duck-unders or lift gates