A Mountain of Work 2

After much cutting of wood, leveling, screwing, and a few choice words, the sub-roadbed for the mountain helix is nearly finished. I still need to add a few more supports in there. I plan to add a trestle on this side for the upper track where it passes over the middle track along with a stream and waterfall. I’ve not done much with water effects yet, it will be a learning experience!

I also purchased a string of LED’s and a power supply to test out using them for the valance lighting. I used a double row temporarily attached to an piece of wood I had around with an angle cut on it. One row didn’t give enough light. I think two rows will work, though. I’ll need to come up with a mounting of some sort. I also plan to add a row of blue LED’s for nighttime effect. I was toying with the idea of getting some RGB LED’s to string at the base of the backdrop behind the mountains to try an orange or red sunrise/sunset effect.

Got a boxcar out with a walthers catalog “backdrop” to check out the lights.

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