Well, I’m still trying to get the train room in shape so I can get back to workin’ on the railroad, someday. Putting up ceiling grid this week. Picked up carpet last night. I have to fill the expansion joints in the floor. Got to pick up some light fixtures and get those in place. Starting to see a dim light at the end of the tunnel and I’m just hoping it’s not a train running full on toward me.

We have painters working upstairs this week during the day while we’re gone and our puppy, Tucker, is confined to a crate listening to the painters all day while we’re away. Needless to say, he is not happy about this situation and requires a lot of attention when we return home. It’s been a week, so far.

The “condo life” I was expecting has not yet materialized (although I did get to watch my sidewalk being shoveled clear of snow the other day for the first time). There has been a lot to do since we moved in and there is no sign that will be changing anytime soon. The wife has informed me that we will be working on the landscaping this spring, OH BOY!

The weatherman is predicting 3-5 inches of snow and 30 mph winds for this coming weekend. I’m hoping to get snowed in, so I can get some work done, but it’s not looking promising.

Just finished putting up two of my new 4 x 8 edge lit LEDs in the train room ceiling. Only 9 more to go! These put out a great light, 4000K temperature which is a daylight color. Not blue and not yellow, just right. Putting a dimmer on these as well. I tested them out and they work great! Should be plenty of light for these aging eyes to see what I’m doing.

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