The White Mountain and Mystic Falls

The coronavirus has been a terrible thing for the world to endure, I certainly hope some of the vaccines that are being tested turn out to be the answer to our prayers. Not being able to get out much and socialize has been a test of our human spirit, for sure. I am lucky to have this hobby to help fill my time.

When my seven year old granddaughter first saw what I had been working on lately, she named it the white mountain. After getting some scenery covered with plaster cloth and much of the rockwork done, I am anxious to add some color because it is a lot of white. The depiction below is a rough design for the area I am working on.

I have used about 100 pounds of plaster of Paris at this point. Looks like I need to make another trip to the local Lowes to replenish my supply. I must admit I am getting burned out on building rock walls. I plan to finish the rocks around the cliffs on the end of the peninsula, then start adding some color. I plan to color the rock with some washes, then dry brush on some lighter colors. I’d like to do the whole section at once to get a homogenous look.

The White Mountain – East side

I wanted to keep as much of the track visible as possible, so there is a lot of shear cliffs involved. Shown above is the East side of the mountain, the west side terrain is not quite as rugged. There is still a lot of work to do here. There are openings in the facia for access to the lower loop on this side.

White Mountain – West side
Mystic Falls

Once the falls area is complete, I can replace the bridges I removed earlier and get the track weathered, ballasted, cleaned, and operating again. This will be an interesting area of the layout, if I can pull it off.

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