Adding Some Color

After finally finishing all the plaster work for the West end “no-lix”, I was finally able to start adding some color to the scenery. I used acrylic craft paints to make some washes. A yellow brown and a rusty color were spotted on the rocks. This was followed by a gray wash with a hint of brown to warm it up applied liberally to all the rock..

To the right, the brown and rusty washes were applied in spots.
The gray wash was applied to all the rock

Next a brown latex paint was applied to sections of the remaining terrain quickly followed by a dousing of a mixture of Scenic Express dirt and soil mixed 50/50 with brown grout. I then hit this with alcohol wetting agent and then some PVA glue mixed with water was sprayed on.

The dirt and grout mixture was sprayed with a PVA and water mix

While the dirt mixture dried, I worked on the river and falls area. I painted the river blue, with some green and black mixed in and also introduced some white near the shore to lighten it up. I’m still thinking about this, I may lighten the banks up further. I also added some green in the falls area to simulate moss that might grow in the wet environment of the falls.

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