I Grew Up

I guess I have been into model railroading ever since building one with my dad. Married at a young age and having three children, dealing with the ups and downs of life, other interests, and work have hampered my participation. However, over the last few years I have had time to enjoy the hobby. At our previous home, I was able to build a small HO scale layout in a detached garage, mostly working in the colder months – partly to avoid becoming a couch potato.

Scenes From the Old WVR

American Model Builders kit
Consolidation rolls past the brewery
Late shift at the Cannery
Care free Soles
Turn table, Mine in the background

That’s history now…

We have recently purchased a new home with the basement that I’ve wanted to have since my days of youth. I am in the process of finishing my future train room at the moment. The new space is about 14 x 37 feet. The basement is nice and dry with poured walls. It was unfinished with some stud walls in place supporting the floor above. I replaced those with beams, lined the walls with 2″ foam, added 2×4 framing and drywall. Just about ready to paint, now. I should be busy for quite a while trying to fill it up.


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